Our Services

Whether you’re remodeling, or just need a few things knocked off your to-do-list, we can help. Why not call us today!

Home Specialists, Inc. offers various handyman services such as remodeling small kitchens & baths, tile installation, interior painting, wall & ceiling repair, carpentry, cabinet repair, window & door replacement and repair, and much, much more. If you can imagine the types of things that can go on a “to-do-list”, then you can imagine the types of things we’ve done. Everyone has their own pet peeves about the house, and it really makes us happy when we can fix these problems. Quality is what we’re all about, and you’ll love our handyman service.

I’ve been told on more than one occasion that while their spouse is good at a lot of things, being a handyman isn’t one of them. I’ve also been told more than once that I’ve saved their relationship because their spouse couldn’t or wouldn’t take care of their to-do-list. One customer even gave his spouse a few days of my handyman services as a birthday gift.

Although most of our customers are homeowners, realtors often refer us to make repairs recommended by the home inspector prior to closing. Many condo associations and business customers outsource handyman services to us. We also have many business customers who outsource handyman services to us.

We strive to do a great job while not creating a mess for you to clean up afterwards. We take precautions like laying down drop cloths, tarps, rosin paper and sometimes a combination in order to keep your floors and furniture clean and free from damage. We often install temporary barriers surrounding our work area using plastic sheeting to minimize dust. We clean up each day during the project and leave everything shining and spotless when the project is done. We can even haul away and dispose of our construction debris at a certified disposal site.